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Research Strategy Execution

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Market Research

What business questions are burning in your mind? Machinations Marketing can create, field, analyze, and present custom market research projects based on the specific questions you want answered.  Actionable data is one of the most valuable assets, and Machinations Marketing can provide you with the statistics and guidance to increase revenues.  Moreover, Machinations Marketing has extensive experience working with market research firms, and leverages its strong background in market research to bolster the success of all marketing projects.



Machinations Marketing specializes in end-to-end benchmarking evaluations--from data collection to data entry, cleansing, analysis, and presentation/document creation--including best practices research and identification.  Benchmarking is a skill forged by extensive practice.  Machinations Marketing will use time-tested tactics and expertise to ensure that your benchmarking project yields accurate, actionable guidance.

Data Analysis

Every marketing solution today must include Data Analysis.  Machinations Marketing leverages reliable data whenever, wherever, and however possible to promote informed decisions during every marketing project.  Need a fresh set of eyes on your existing data?  Our careful, creative, KPI-driven methods will transform raw data into guidance.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a freight train, but with the wrong strategy it's heading nowhere.  Machinations Marketing has the knowledge to help you sift through the social quagmire to find the mix of technologies that will best engage relevant prospects and increase your performance in the marketplace.

Content Marketing

When executed correctly, Content Marketing creates inbound traffic, increases prospect engagement, generates leads, supports search engine optimization, builds brand awareness, establishes your company as an expert, and is cost effective.  Start building (or improving) your content marketing machine today with Machinations Marketing.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a broad topic, and it is often difficult to find the blend of technologies that brings the best return on investment.  Search ads, display ads, email marketing, digital events, and social media are only some of the components that make up a complete digital marketing portfolio.  Machinations Marketing can begin by evaluating your digital marketing portfolio as a whole versus your peers and competitors, create a strategy based on these findings, and then assist with the execution of specific initiatives.

Other Custom Projects

Have something else in mind?  Machinations Marketing delivers custom projects.  Contact us with your unique situation and we will try to find a solution within your budget that exceeds expectations.


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